Saturday, April 17, 2010

April 16: Left Orlando at 2:45pm and flew to Philadelphia. Our flight from Philly to Rome was delayed about an hour. We sat - 20th in line to depart - for about 50 minutes, so they even turned off the engines to conserve fuel! The 8 hour and 45 minute flight seemed to go by quickly.
April 17th: My first impression of Italy was "WOW", as we were flying in along the west coast and seeing all the beautiful buildings and mountains. When we got closer the Rome and were landing, the area looked much like any other place I have flown into.
We all herded into a 9 person bus and Sergio whipped in and out of traffic for the 45 minute ride to the Grand Hotel Fleming. The cars get literally inches from each other and motorcycles drive wherever they fit, passing cars on the left constantly - even if it means being head on with oncoming traffic! At least it is a law to wear a helmet.
There are tiny cars everywhere. Smart cars are the most popular and all the major auto manufacturers mini models. People park all directions - however they fit...they park.

There are lots and lots of high rise apartment buildings and lots of plants and flowers. We explored the area around the hotel until check-in time, which included shops and a min-market. My BFF and I headed to Cafe Fiochetti after lunch for Cappuccino and cookies - nap time, dinner and relaxing. Tomorrow we head into the major historical areas of Rome. Ciao!

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  1. Hi guys! I am very glad you're having so much fun and getting out and exploring :)
    I'm also glad you didn't have a heart attack during the car ride! hahaha You'll get used to it before the week is over.
    Love, Robyn