Saturday, April 24, 2010

Internet service is pretty darn expensive here and I have had little time to get on. We have been to Florence, Pisa and Venice in the past few days. Florence was pretty and we saw the famous Duomo (photo) and I saw only 2 street painters. The have a street painting group and have to pay a fee to the government annually as a group to be able to paint. Their "leader" decides who paints and on what days. I spoke to one of the painters Johnny who told me Kelly was sick, but we ended up finding her. We went to another area to paint and to make sure we were not fined, we did not do anything big and we did not put put a container to collect money. I was happy though to say I painted in Italy - even if it was just an hour and a half.

We headed to Pisa and saw the famous Leaning tower of Pisa. It was smaller that I thought it would be. It is also right in the city of Pisa so there is a lot around it.

Last night we did a night time tour of Venice. It was cold and rainy but we winded our way through the streets to have dinner. Today we returned to Venice for a fill day of touring which was starting with a demonstration of glass blowing in the Murano glass factory, followed by a tour of the areas where all the Venitian glass is sold. Then my cousin and I toured the streets. Some people took gondola rides and then we took a boat tour to the islands and stopped in Burbano and shopped. Neat place with lots of colored buildings and they specialize in making lace. Tomorrow is a long day on the bus back to Rome with a couple stops. Ciao!

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